Reiki Drum Technique TM

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th March

Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th May

Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September

Practitioner Training

facilitated by Master Teacher Susan Davis


Students must be Level 2 Reiki Practitioners or above (any lineage)

Reiki Drum will take your healing practice to another level as you experience the powerful healing vibration of the drum.

Refreshment will be provided on both days along with rest and relaxation and a wonderful opportunity to heal and be healed.

If you are a Reiki Master teacher there is an opportunity to teach Reiki Drum – details will be provided on the course

Training Weekends 

If you have a desire to learn Reiki Drum, please get in touch, and I will happily discuss this with you. 

Reiki Drum is a two day course.

Students are asked to purchase a 16" Frame Drum, and we recommend Sound Travels, or they can bring a drum they already own but it needs to be a 16" Frame Drum. 

Anyone wishing to make their own drum before the training weekend can contact Teena Cozens who runs drum making workshops in Northamptonshire on a regular basis.

To purchase a drum from Sound Travels please

Click Here 

To download the Reiki Drum Syllabus please 

Click on the Drum