Reiki Drum Technique™

What is Reiki Drum Technique™? 

Throughout history the sound of a beating drum has been regarded as sacred and healing.  Drum therapy is an ancient approach to good health that uses rhythm to promote healing and self expression. Therapeutic rhythm techniques have been used for thousands of years by many different cultures to create and maintain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Despite being practiced by so many diverse cultures the technique is similar the world over. 

Combining Reiki and Drumming creates Reiki Drum Technique™, a method of utilizing the drum to introduce Reiki energy into a person's energy field to bring about deep relaxation, thereby releasing deep seated tensions and achieving homeostasis.  The drum rhythm reminds the body of its optimal vibration.  Research has indicated that even drumming for a short period of time can induce an "alpha state", those brainwaves associated with well-being and euphoria.

On a physical level drumming in studies has shown to alter neuro-endocrine and immunological response in a person facilitating a sense of peace and relaxation.  Scientific research demonstrates that when clients are exposed to the rhythm and beat of a drum, cortisol levels and blood pressure readings are positively altered, natural killer cells are more active and blood pressure readings are positively altered, research also indicates that drumming aids the production of endorphins, assisting in pain control. 

On a spiritual level , the vibrations of the drum beat encourages mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies to realign and chakras to become balanced, resulting in emotional and mental harmony.  

The Origins of Reiki Drumming

The idea of combining Reiki with Drumming originated with Michael Arthur Baird. Michael is a Reiki Master from the USA who is also a Middle Eastern Drummer and Shaman. In 1999 he was asked to provide healing drum sessions for participants at a Labor Day Retreat. On the first day he gave healing drum without Reiki but he found that at the end of the day he was quite exhausted, having absorbed a lot of the energies of the people over whom he was drumming. On the second day he connected to Reiki and then prepared his drum by charging it as an instrument of Reiki. Then, as he drummed over each person, he intended and visualized Reiki moving from his hand and through the drum. And so, Reiki Drumming was born.

How did Reiki Drumming become Reiki Drum Technique™ ? 

In 2007 a Reiki Master Teacher called Sarah Gregg travelled to Arizona to study Reiki Drumming with Michael Arthur Baird. Upon her return she was inspired to bring together the gentle energy of Reiki, the vibration and sound of drumming and the power of shamanic journeying; she called it Reiki Drum Technique™

I was very privileged to meet Sarah in 2009 and in the spring of 2010 I helped her to organize a Reiki Drum Technique™ training weekend here in Northamptonshire and was able to experience for myself the healing powers of Reiki Drum. Towards the end of 2010 I studied Master Teacher with Sarah to become one of a handful of a Reiki Drum Technique™ Teachers in the UK.  Since that time I have taught many students this wonderfully healing treatment. 

Reiki Drum Technique™ Class of 2010 - that's me, back row, in the stripes!

Vicky and Rebecca with their Reiki Drums and Certificates  

   Reiki Drum Technique™

Reiki Drum Technique™ is taught over a weekend and no musical experience is necessary but students are required to be Reiki Level 2 or above (Any lineage) 

During the weekend we study and learn:

 Preparation of Self

Creating Sacred Space

Space Clearing & Preparation 

 Honoring the Seven Sacred Directions

 Reiki Drum Ceremony

 What is The Reiki Drum Technique?

 Origins of Reiki Drumming™ 

Scientific Research on Drumming & Its Healing Powers

 Group Drumming - Practica

 Reiki Drum Attunement

Reiki Drum Healing - Basic Technique

 Giving and Receiving a Drum Healing Session - Practical

Reiki Drum - Journey Technique

Giving and Receiving a Journey Session – Practical session 

Professional Ethics for Practitioners & Code of Conduct

Intuitively working with Reiki and the Drum - Practical work with symbols

Reiki Drum Mental/Emotional Reprogramming Technique

Giving and Receiving a Reprogramming Session - Practical

 Journey to meet your Power Animal

Connecting with the unique energy of your own personal drum

Teaching the Reiki Drum Technique and Case Study Guidelines

Closing Prayer

I will happily teach Reiki Drum Technique™ when YOU want to learn! Simply contact me to discuss training dates.